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    Top Movers – Most Trusted LOW PRICED Adelaide Moving Company

    Over 7 years of experience as a moving company in Adelaide, we have absolutely changed the moving experiences of the people in the region. We take their move from tiring and stressful to effortless and easy. Whether you are moving in the suburbs or interstate, with our moving services in Adelaide, you can have absolute peace of mind as we will deliver your belongings safely, securely, and on time at the new location. Being one of the full-service removalists in Adelaide, we can handle as much, or as little, of your complete moving process as you would like.


    Our Pricing

    Approx. 15 Cubic

    • Quick Pickup and Delivery
    • Inhouse Furniture Move
    • Recommended for a very small move

    Approx 21 Cubic

    • Recommended for standard 1- 2 bedrooms house.
    • Easy to park in most Adelaide CBD Area.

    Approx. 26 Cubic

    • Recommended for standard 2 – 3 Bedrooms house move.
    • Pantech Truck available 7 days.

    Approx. 50 Cubic

    • Recommended for standard 3+ Bedrooms house move.
    • Big House Move available 7 days.


    “Your Best Move”

    Hire The Best Low Price Removalists in Adelaide

    We remove your stress involved in a big move!

    Honest & Cheap Removalists In Adelaide

    Top Movers provides honest and transparent moving quotes you can actually rely on. We do ask for an additional amount after we have calculated your moving cost. Check out our prices for each vehicle type.   

    Moving Checklist

    If you are looking for a moving checklist to make your moving process easy, we can help! We can provide you with a printable home or office moving checklist to stay well-versed and organized.

    Moving Checklists

    Stay organized with printable moving checklists.

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    100% Satisfaction

    No Hidden Charges

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    From Planning to


    We’ve taken pride in our work and believe what we do isn’t simply a matter of moving your stuff—it’s a matter of moving your life.

    Moving with Top Movers is designed to make life easier. You can count on our movers to guide you through the entire process, door to door.

    Why Should You Choose Us As Your Adelaide Moving Company?        

    We take pride in providing first-class and secure moving services in Adelaide. That’s the reason people choose us as their moving partner. We know how tricky the relocating task is, but you don’t have to worry when we are by your side. We load all your packaged boxes, organize them well in our trucks to prevent damage during the transit, and unload them to the destined location. We guide our customers on packing their valuables and also help them buy suitable packaging material, making their experience as easy as possible.

    • Fully Licensed
    • Moving Protection
    • Professional Wrapping
    • Experienced Team
    • Professional Movers
    • 24*7 Support
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    Flexible & Diverse

    Moving Options

    We offer full packing assistance with either reusable moving boxes or cardboard boxes, whichever best suits your needs. We handle each item with care and protect every item with thick double quilted furniture pads. We are experienced and very careful.

    • Fully Licensed
    • Moving Protection
    • Professional Wrapping
    • Experienced Team
    • Professional Movers
    • 24*7 Support

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