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Our Single Item Moving Services: Perfect For Small Moves in Adelaide

When you have to move a single item, you can either move it by yourself or hire single item movers in Adelaide. Top Movers offers single item moves because it makes more sense to hire professionals to move your expensive furniture or other items rather than doing it by yourself or taking the help of your friends. It doesn’t matter how far you need to move your single item – within your house, city, or across the state; we can help you move it safely at the cheapest rates possible. We believe that even the smallest move deserves expert handling. You don’t have to worry about the moving costs as we move small loads of items for a small price.

Single item moves within your house.

Shifting is an everyday household activity that every homeowner performs on a routine basis. You move your light furniture, crockery shelves, and other light items of your own whenever you feel like changing the whole setting. But moving heavy furniture like a couch, beds, dining table, piano and others definitely need additional help. Top Movers can provide you with that help!


We are one of the reputable single item house Removalists in Adelaide. We suggest taking professional help for moving large and heavy stuff inside the home as you can damage it or worse, you may hurt yourself. To prevent such incidents, hire Top Movers, the most trusted single movers in the city.

Single item moves within the city.

If you wish to move a single furniture item from your old office to the new one or you want to deliver it from the shop to your office, we can help. We are single item office removalists in Adelaide and can help move a specialty item across the town. Pack it yourself if you are moving it from your location; our team will load it into the van or truck safely, drive it to your destination and unload it carefully.  


Moving and lifting heavy office furniture is our specialty, and we give exact prices to transfer only those items you want to move. We don’t let our customers pay more than what’s required. You don’t have to trouble yourself with moving single office furniture. Feel free to call Top Movers for fast delivery times, avoid deposits and extra costs.

Single item moves across the state.

If you are looking for a single item move service in Adelaide, Top Movers can help. Apart from moving within the city, we also offer single-item furniture moving services across the state. Our moving service is fully insured, which means all the damages during the transfers are fully covered. Pack your furniture properly, and our single item furniture movers will pick it up, safely load to the vehicle and transfer it to the destined location outside Adelaide. They will unload it as well and make sure it is appropriately placed at the new site. Hiring reputable removalists is the best decision you can make, especially for a long-distance move.


There are certain situations when you should consider single item movers. For example:


  • When your item is precious both monetarily and sentimentally, please don’t take the risk of damaging it by moving it yourself.
  • When your item is very delicate, it can easily damage, such as piano, antique, etc.
  • When you are moving a specialty item such as a pool table, hot tub, and others with special moving requirements.
  • When your item is oversized or heavy, don’t hurt yourself by moving it on your own. Always hire professional removalists.


Top Movers can help in all situations, irrespective of how big or small your moving item is. We charge moving costs according to the item size and distance that needs to be covered. Feel free to call us to book your single item move.

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