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Dear Customers,

Our primary goal is to provide secure and reliable moving services to our customers. Our trained professional team is available 7 days a week so that you can call us and move even on weekends. We are also available during odd hours and holidays on prior notice. Just book us and relax, and we guarantee you that it would be YOUR BEST MOVE ever. We are happy to assist you anytime, feel free to call us at 0481353300, our 24×7 available support team.

Top Movers operate all over Adelaide and all nearby suburbs, towns within a 500 km radius. We help more than 100 moves every month in Adelaide to new relocation on a happy note. We have a great team with amazing skills who perform each move with guaranteed no damage. Apart from that, for any emergency, we have fully insured moving services. 


Our Pricing

Approx. 15 Cubic

  • Quick Pickup and Delivery
  • Inhouse Furniture Move
  • Recommended for a very small move

$40 / H Hour
Approx 21 Cubic

  • Recommended for standard 1- 2 bedrooms house.
  • Easy to park in most Adelaide CBD Area.

$40/H Hour
Approx. 26 Cubic

  • Recommended for standard 2 – 3 Bedrooms house move.
  • Center of similar truck available 7 days.

$45/H Hour
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