Moving to a new home is an emotional roller coaster ride. You have to pack the stuff, move the things and simultaneously deal with your work life. The stress just reaches its peak if you have kids. Informing them that they will have to leave their current home and bid adieu to their school and friends can create a melodrama at home. But is that all? Certainly not!

Packing things and informing them without annoying them can be nerve-wracking. You don’t want to upset your little munchkins, right? You don’t have to worry. As you are about to begin this new episode of life, we are here to sail you through some moving tips that will ensure a hassle-free move with your kids. 

But first things first, it is very important to inform the kids about moving. Undeniably, you will be worried about settling into a completely new house and neighbourhood. The kid’s world will also change entirely with your relocation. Most kids face challenges while adjusting to new circumstances. They will have to make new friends, join a new school and whatnot. But do you know that just with a few efforts, you can make this transition easier for your kids, thereby ensuring a hassle-free move? Let’s see how to inform them first. 

  • Tell them at the earliest – If you start moving things here and there, there might be chances that your kids already know something is cooking up. So, let’s get this straight. Tell them as soon as possible so that they feel included in the process. 
  • Give them details – Kids are always curious to know where they will have their new home, what school they will be joining, and questions like that. Ensure to give them the details like on which day you will be moving, what kind of life is there, etc. 
  • Answer their questions – Kids come up with various questions. Do not deny answering them. Answer them in the most honest way you can. Tell them to keep in touch with their old friends so that they can feel at ease. Help them deal with the mixed emotions positively through books, music, and their favourite activities.  

Now let’s jump straight into knowing the tips of a hassle-free move with the kids.

Keep your kids engaged – It is very difficult to engage kids to ensure that you do the packing peacefully. But here is the way – Involve them in packing activities rather than engaging them in other stuff. It provides you with a helping hand and simultaneously keeps them busy. Obviously, they can’t help you pack the furniture or heavy things, but you can always tell them to pack their storybooks and toys. 

Donate the old toys – If your kids have very old and unloved toys, donate them instead of throwing them away. Donation is the perfect way to say goodbye to extra clutter. Also, it teaches your kids about the importance of giving and charity. Take the help of your kids to know which toys they don’t use anymore. Make them understand that it is wise to donate the old toys to another child who will be happy to play with them. 

Involving kids in setting up a new home – If you want to make your kids happy, involve them in gathering their opinions about settling in a new home. Know about their choices in deciding the colours of the walls or tiles. If you want to hang their favourite swing in the backyard, they will be even happier. It makes it easy for you to bear their tantrums, and they readily accept the change. 

Pack their essentials separately – You can’t agree more that you want to get rid of the packing headache as soon as possible. There are high chances of packing the kids’ essentials with other things. Do not make this blunder. Pack their toys, clothes, medicines in a separate box. It will make it easy for you to find their essentials immediately in the new home. 

It is time to choose the right moving company. 

No wonder it is troublesome to save your sanity while moving with kids. But it is possible with a bit of planning and the right choices. 

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Thus, follow the tips mentioned above if you are looking for hassle-free moving with your little munchkins. What’s more? Do not forget to contact TOP MOVERS right away! Visit our website and check out our moving services.  

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