You may be one of them who loves to décor your home or office with the latest furniture. Marble is one of the most trending materials used in making tabletops, benches, flooring, wall cladding, and outdoor furniture. It has become a great choice as it is durable, heat resistant, shinier, and beautiful. The architecture or artisans can help you design beautiful artwork with marble.

But sometimes, it can be a little tricky if you have to move your office or home with these marble tabletops and other furniture. The marble is a heavy object and should be handled with care. You can take the help of professional home and Office removals Sydney who will pack and handle all your goods with care. The guide is about how they can help you move your home or office and pack marble furniture or tabletop safely.


Marble is a natural resource. The Earth’s crust creates limestone due to its intense pressure, which heats it and changes into marble. During the processing, to remove its impurities, it is pressurised. While pressurising, the impurities of the marble create different colours and patterns in marble. This makes it unique and more demanding, and people use them in their homes and offices for different purposes. Here are some reasons why it needs special care while moving:

  1. IT’S HEAVY: The marble is too heavy to handle, and you need more workforce to handle it carefully. It weighs up to 2.7 kilograms, so it is recommended to take the help of experts as they have more crew and will pack and drive the marble tabletop safely to your new home and office.
  2. BREAKABLE: Marble is a strong material, but it is also easily breakable if it falls. When you move this tabletop, the carriers may unpleasantly shift the table if they don’t handle it carefully. So taking the help of professionals will ensure that your marble tabletop reaches the right place with care.
  3. PRONE TO SCRATCHES: The marble is prone to scratches. When you carry it, it can get scratches that damage your tabletop. The professionals will safeguard your marble by packing them in proper casing and packaging. It will remain safe till you take it to your new home or office.
  4. IT’S COSTLY: The marble is costly. It varies from one place to another as there are numerous vendors from where you can buy it. It may be easily breakable, so it is important to take professional help for good care. They will ensure that it reaches the right place in the best condition. They have a proper packing material for this purpose.

Moving marble tabletop or other furniture can be tough, so hiring professionals for your moving is better. They are experienced in handling all kinds of furniture and goodies. They will also offer you peace of mind as they guarantee their work. You can seek their guidance or advice if you are in a dilemma regarding handling the marble tabletop or other artwork and furniture while moving.


The expert Removalists in Adelaide have years of experience packaging, storing, removing, and relocating your goods from one place to another. These experts know how to pack all the sensitive things like marble tabletop, artwork, and other things. Here is the process of packing and how they will do it.

Step 1: The very first thing they will do is construct a customised wooden frame that holds the table top easily. They measure the tabletop and customise the frame according to its shape and size.

Step 2: After this, they will wrap the tabletop with a protective cladding layer (this layer does not allow the marble to break or get damaged easily).

Step 3: With the help of machinery or their other crew member, they safely take your marble tabletop to its destination in the truck.

Step 4: The experts will take out the first tabletop from the truck, keep it to the place you want and fix it, and then unwrap everything more securely.

These steps are enough to pack your marble tabletop or other precious things while moving them. The professionals will handle them with utmost care and ensure that your items reach their destination safely without any damage so that you can have peace of mind.


  1. WRAPPING PROPERLY: The first thing to do is to wrap the marble tabletop and other stuff like artwork with a protective layer. This layer helps to safeguard it from damaging or breaking. So experts will wrap them carefully in a protective layer.
  2. SPECIAL STORAGE: After wrapping, you can place the item as per you want. You can place them upright in a corner and flat on the floor for easy movement. They may be a little heavy, so you may have to take the help of other people who can help with the move.
  3. PACKING MATERIAL: It is better to use special packing materials like bubble wrap, plastic cases, boxes, and wooden crates. This packing material helps to keep the item safe from scratches. It will not allow the marble to shift and get damaged easily.
  4. SEND HEAVY OBJECTS FIRST: The professionals know to handle heavy objects without any damage or breakage. So it is better to send heavy objects first and then other smaller items with medium weight.


Moving home or the office is a stressful moment. Your goods are the only things that can cheer you up even when the situation goes bad. So, handle them carefully while packing, moving, and unpacking. 

The marble tabletop is heavy and expensive, so it needs to be handled with extra care while moving. The experts in Sydney will handle it with care and safely hand it over at your new home or office.

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