Moving to a new place can be both exciting and stressful. One important thing to take care of during this busy time is ensuring your new home has electricity. You don’t want to be stuck in the dark for days while you wait for your power to be turned on. To ensure a smooth transition, the expert comparison website and moving resource Selectra recommends contacting your electricity supplier (online or by phone) at least five working days beforehand. But can you connect your electricity immediately, on the same day you move in? Let’s explore this question and find out some useful information.

Steps to Follow for Same-Day Connection

  1. Contact your energy retailer early: Don’t wait until moving day. The earlier you call (ideally before noon for some states), the better your chance of securing a same-day connection. Some retailers like Powershop have cut-off times for same-day requests in specific states (e.g., before noon in VIC, before 2 pm in NSW/SA).
  2. Choose a retailer offering same-day connections: Not all retailers offer same-day connections. Research companies in your area that advertise this service. Some comparison websites like Selectra Australia and Move In Connect can also help arrange connections across various retailers.
  3. Have your new address and meter details ready: The retailer will need your new address and any meter details readily available to process the connection request efficiently.
  4. Check if your property has a smart meter:  Same-day connections are more likely with smart meters as they allow remote activation.
  5. Confirm the main switch is off: Before the technician arrives, ensure the main electricity switch in your new home is turned off for safety reasons.

Remember: Same-day connections may incur additional fees. Be prepared to discuss these costs with the retailer when making your request.

How to secure same-day electricity connection by state

NSW & QLD: Research retailers operating in these states. Some might offer same-day connections, but inquire about cut-off times (e.g., potentially before 2 pm) and any regional variations in their policies.

VIC (Melbourne): While some national providers might offer same-day connection in VIC, be aware of cut-off times like before noon. Look for Melbourne-based retailers that advertise this service and confirm their policies in your specific area.

Exceptions Based on Your Residence for Same-Day Electricity Connection When Moving

  • Compliance Checks: Brand-new homes might require additional compliance checks from relevant authorities before the retailer can activate electricity.
  • New Meter Installation: Brand new homes likely won’t have an existing meter. Installing a new meter usually requires a technician visit, delaying activation beyond the moving day.
  • Meter Type: Same-day connections are more likely with smart meters. Traditional meters might require a technician to visit the property, delaying activation.
  • Network Availability: The electricity network in your area might not have the capacity for immediate activation. This is more likely in remote locations or areas undergoing network upgrades.


1. Is it possible to secure an electricity connection on a weekend?

Securing an electricity connection on a weekend can be trickier than on weekdays most providers have limited support staff during the weekend. If a weekend move-in is unavoidable, contact your chosen retailer well before the weekend.

2. Is it possible to secure an electricity connection for a brand-new home?

New meter installation and network connection delays same-day chances. Pre-arranged connections or temporary options might exist in rare cases.

3. What steps should be taken when moving interstate?

Follow the Selectra interstate moving checklist to ensure a stress-free relocation across Australia checklist

Important Note

Even with these approaches, there’s no guarantee of securing a weekend connection. Be prepared for a potential delay and have a backup plan for lighting and basic electrical needs on the first night. This could include portable chargers, battery-powered lights, or even a generator (used with proper safety precautions)

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