The moving process comes with many challenges. As time passes, it can become quite hectic to get away with the moving process easier. The stress becomes manifold if you have too many bulky furniture items to move. This is where professional single item furniture movers mark their entry. Hiring a professional moving team makes your moving process as easy as anything, and you will not regret hiring them. Meanwhile, what more can you do to move bulky items easily? Here we have come with the things you need to do to move heavy items. Without any ado, keep reading to satisfy your intellect. 


Preparation and planning are the keys to making every process seamless. Planning the following things will make your moving easy – 

  • Wear strong and comfortable footwear to keep you well-balanced while moving the objects. Firm grip shoes are comfortable for such purposes, especially if it is raining at your place. 
  • Putting on comfortable clothes will make it easy to move yourself here and there. 
  • Having the assistance of professional movers takes away a lot of pressure from your shoulders. 
  • All in all, it is important to be safe during the moving process. 


Disassembling the furniture makes it easy to move the items. Modular furniture, cabinets with drawers, and beds require dismantling for easy moving through pathways and doorways. Pay attention while dismantling the furniture pieces and see how they fit together. It will save your precious time when you again start assembling the furniture at your new home. 

If it is impossible to remove the drawers and shelves, tape them tight so they cannot open up while moving them. You can do this, but there are chances of injury in this situation. Moreover, some items cannot be dismantled, like mattresses. So, in short, it is advisable to hire professional movers to keep all the worries at bay. 


No wonder your home has a lot of bulky items to move like furniture, appliances, TV, and whatnot. Experts recommend taking photos of these items. You must take photos of the electricity, gas and water meters. Make videos of the electronics at your home. And do not forget to timestamp your photos. This way, you won’t have to scratch your head about how to assemble your items again. Furthermore, accidents can occur while moving items. And if you are not fully prepared, you may not get the reimbursement amount of the damage. You don’t want that, right? 

So, before the entry of the professional movers, take pictures of every valuable belonging like electronics, furniture, and breakables. And if you find anything damaged while moving, you can show the proof to the movers that the items were in good condition before moving and are damaged while being in transit. 


Labeling the items saves a great deal of time while unpacking at your new destination. If the items you are packing are fragile, ensure to indicate the same on the package. The items like refrigerators, and cookers, to name a few, should always remain upright. So, indicate on the boxes which side is up. Doing this will make it extremely easy for you while unpacking the items at your new home. 


Some people turn a blind eye to the packing materials for bulky items. But they are as important as cardboard boxes. Investing in quality packing supplies is worth the investment when you realize the value of your belongings. If you have the original boxes of the bulky items like the fridge or TV, put them in the same box. The items will remain protected in these boxes. Sometimes professional moving companies provide you with suitable packing materials to make the work easier for you.


Professional moving companies bring their own moving equipment to meet all your moving needs. They don’t take much time to move and alleviate the moving stress from your head. Find a reputable moving company near you, and it will surely ease the burden off your shoulders. 

To sum it up

The above-mentioned tips will come in handy if you have made up your mind to move to a new place. Planning and preparing in advance will make the moving process a lot easier. Our professional team of House Removals Adelaide from Top Movers is sure to assist you with every moving need. We have more than seven years of experience in the Adelaide region and make the moving effortless for you. We guarantee to deliver your belongings safely and securely to your new location. Our fully licensed, experienced team is always at your beck and call with 24*7 support. Want to know more? Get in touch with us for more information.

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