If you are among those homeowners who are preparing to move, you want your moving process to be smooth. Millions of things keep running in your mind while moving. You don’t have to pack up your belongings only, but you have many other tasks to complete. At the same time, you also have to fulfil all your daily life responsibilities. 

Having lots of things to do, it is possible that you may forget important things. You don’t want to skip anything, right? That is why house removals Brisbane experts give you a list of the top 6 things people forget to do while moving. If you do not want to forget anything, read the below-mentioned points to get the most out of your moving process. Let’s get started. 

Safety Of Pets And Children

Moving home is a process that can keep you busy all day long. Sometimes family members become so busy planning the move that taking care of their children and pets gets impossible. Large moving equipment and trucks can pose challenges for small kids and pets and also put them at risk of injuries. You can take a few steps to make them feel comfortable. For instance – if you have a pet, make sure you take him out for a walk every few hours. Take care of the same thing after getting into a new home too. It will help them have a smooth transition. 

Convenient Parking For Moving Vehicles

It can be possible case that your current house doesn’t have enough space for the moving company’s vehicle to fit down the driveway. So, take steps to secure parking space for the moving vehicles to maximise efficiency and minimise labour. You might be surprised to know that some spaces require a permit for these vehicles. Thus, keep parking regulations in mind and be sure about convenient parking at your old and new homes. 

Clearly Labelled Boxes

There is nothing more frustrating than staring at multiple boxes and having no idea of what is in them. And do you know what is more worse than this? Grabbing a box that you think contains towels and other essentials and later discovering that it contains your fragile glassware. How can you avoid this? Just mark and label the boxes before you load them into the moving truck. It will make unpacking more easier than ever before. 

Notify Your Key Contacts About Your Relocation

Before moving, make sure that you have updated your bank, insurance and credit card companies, and other important contacts about your relocation. In order to smoothly sail through this process, use all three modes of communication to notify your contacts – 

Email – Email the concerned person your new address at least a month before your relocation. And resend the same message once you move into the new home. 

Telephone – Prepare a list of your important contacts and give them a call. Ensure that you talk with the person you want to rather than leave a message. 

Online updates – Update all your social media accounts and online profiles with your new address. 

You can send some people a postcard updating them about your relocation. It works well for people who are not much active online. 

Use Sturdy Packing Materials

The most important things that play a key role in packing materials are old blankets, sturdy boxes, and bubble wraps. Carefully packing furniture and appliances is quite difficult. You can use old blankets and towels to cover them. It will protect them from damage while being in transit. Protect your other valuables using bubble wrap. If you are short on packing material, you need not worry. You can just simply go to the liquor stores or grocery stores and ask them for sturdy boxes. 

Noting Down The Meter Readings

You may have a question in your mind about why do you need to note down the meter reading while relocating. But it is an important step. Noting down the readings will give you an idea that you are not overcharged by the energy supplier. In this way, you can ensure that you have been given an accurate last and first bill. 

The Key To A Smooth Move Is – Hire Professional Removalists!

Do you want to avoid the pitfalls that are given above? If yes, it is time to hire a professional moving company. Top Movers – office removalists Melbourne and home removalists, provide you with effective and efficient moving services with a trained team of professional movers. We have more than seven years of experience and make your move effortless and easy. Now, you can be free from all the stress as Top Movers are there to deliver your belonging safely to the desired location. We have a fully licensed team and provide you with 24*7 support. So what are you waiting for? Allow us to make your moving process seamless. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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