Gardening is a great way to spend your free time. While you invest time and effort in caring for your potted plants, it also enhances the overall decor of the living space. Not only do they accessorize your home, but they also bring good vibes whenever someone enters your home. You put your heart and soul into these little green buddies, so why are you leaving them behind? 

We know relocating to a new place with all the stuff is tiring, yet you can handle it well with a few tips and tricks from the best House Removals Adelaide. You only need a plan and little organizing to move your potted plants easily. Here, we’ll cover ‘tested’ tips from our team, and if the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ approach doesn’t suit you, we are just a call away.


Moving or Relocating home involves a lot of packing, unpacking, and time. You have to pack everything in boxes and transport them safely. Your house removal checklist includes– clothes, decor items, and furniture– but with these tips, you can move plants safely to your new house. 


Moving plants is a lot trickier than it sounds, so make sure you apply these basics.


Once the moving date is set, prepare the stuff you’ll take along. Of all the items you’ll be transporting, remember that plants need extra care. Time is crucial in ensuring that moving doesn’t affect your plant’s health. Here’s the plan:

Three Weeks Before– Repot your plants from their ceramic pots into plastic or unbreakable containers. It ensures the safety of your flora, plus breakable pottery.

Two Weeks Before– Pruning removes dead leaves, flowers, and limbs from your plants, making them manageable during transportation. (*Do not prune plants like cactus or aloe vera.)

One Week Before–Carefully check for parasites or insects, so they don’t ride with you.

Two days before– It’s almost time to pack your plants, but before you do so, water them. You don’t want months of hard work to waste, so ensure your plants are hydrated. Also, don’t pour in too much love and overwater them.


All the prep work is done. It’s almost time to wrap up and get your plants into the truck. Here’s a little more work your plants require.


Try to loosely wrap branches and leaves in tissue paper or an old bedsheet. It will provide them with space.


Positioning matters a lot, so find a position that fits your pots closely and leaves ample space for branches.


After placing plant pots inside the box, put paper around the bottom of the pots. It reduces their movement and keeps them in place. Extra tip– poke two to three holes into the box to ensure good airflow.


Label the boxes with the required titles before moving them. Also, remember to indicate which box needs to be moved first.


It’s the final step of getting your plants to your new home. Ensure you have watered the plants adequately per the weather conditions of the new location. You can get help from professional Removalists in Adelaide for transiting them to your new site. We aim to deliver your plants securely without harming them.


Everything is done except the unpacking. While you’re busy getting them out of the boxes, add a little care and attention to them. Here’s what you need to do after relocating your plants to a new space– 

Unpack them as soon as you reach the destination without losing your patience. Your plants are there; nobody is taking them away from you. One tip that ensures you get those green buddies safely out is by opening the box from the bottom and then lifting it.

Next, report them to their original ceramic or other pots. Water them as needed and let them adapt to the new atmosphere.


Plants are living creatures. Though they don’t speak, you can still see when your plant suffers a shock due to a change of environment. So, give them time to heal and recover. Once they adapt to the new place, they’ll know it’s their home.


Hopefully, these tricks will help you pre-plan moving your plants. But, if time is a constraint for you, let us help you move potted plants to your new home. We’ll ensure your green friends safely reach their place without getting harmed midway. Our team has prior experience in house removals. We look into your requirements and make plans accordingly. So, tell us what additional support you need, and we’ll be there to help!

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