A house removal company often removes homes and their contents as part of a sale or eviction process. This can include houses, general buildings, factory units, commercial properties (including retail shops), office buildings, government buildings, and more. 

House removals require moving these items to a new location safely and securely. They are usually confident that they have much experience in this trade of removals to ensure that their customers will only receive damaged items during this process. We offer cheap removalists Adelaide services to help you with a stress-free move!


A house removal company will help you pack your valuable items and boxes securely to move them without damage. This allows you to take care of all necessary packing while they concentrate on the removal process. You can also hire a company working to help in packing if required.


House removalists will help load your truck and ensure it is loaded securely, so it doesn’t tip during the removal process. You don’t have to worry about this, as the house removalists will ensure that all your belongings are transported safely and in one piece. 

For properties such as homes, many house removal companies will take care of the truck’s loading and unloading and help take apart the property. This includes removing doors, windows, locks, plaster, and laths. They can also remove appliances such as fridges and stoves.

This is an extra service for which you can hire a house removalist who is certified to do so.


Once you have decided that you need a house removal company, you can ask for a quote before giving them any information about what you want their services to do. This helps you plan your budget to your needs.


The house removal company will conduct a pre-move survey. This ensures they can help you with your removal needs, as they have all the information you need to prepare for the long-distance move. After completing the survey, request them to give an estimate based on some of the services you need.

Your moving company will schedule a pre-move survey to provide an exact estimate and guarantee that everything goes smoothly on a moving day. A trained move consultant, also known as a surveyor, will come to your home as part of a removals firm survey. 

During this visit, they will examine the home and the items that will be moved and discuss your needs with you. It’s common for moving companies to also provide consultations through phone or video.

This survey takes about an hour (depending on the complexity of your property), the relocation consultant should be comprehensive, and there should be no price for it at all. 

When we say that an inspection should be thorough, we mean that the inspector should look in every cabinet, examine the attic, go around the yard, and investigate any sheds or other outbuildings the homeowner may have. The more in-depth the survey is, the more precise your estimate will be, and the more efficiently your relocation should go overall.


This is vital for a removal business to get properly, as the relocation can only occur if they have the key information. 

A good removal business will ask you everything regarding the expected schedule of your move, from the exchange and completion dates (if you’re purchasing or selling) up to the time you have to vacate the property you’re leaving to get the proper planning and preparation underway. 

This is necessary to get things off to a good start. If they have as much information as possible, it will be far simpler for them to begin organizing your relocation and guarantee that they can keep to the timetable you require. 

This allows them to assist you in understanding availability and the various cost implications associated with moving during different times of the month or year. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know everything now; as long as they know what you know, it will still be beneficial!


It is optional to purchase the insurance supplied by a removal business; however, it is prudent to learn as much as possible about the available coverage and make an educated decision regarding the level of risk you are willing to assume.

Even though a good moving company will have highly trained employees to handle your move and minimize the risk of breakages, the truth stands that removal is a high-risk sector, and accidents can still occur even with the best intentions in the world. 

A great removal company will have highly trained employees to handle your move and minimize the risk of breakages. You must be offered coverage for your move, fully described what the level of coverage is, how you should make a claim (and the situations under which you can’t claim if there are any), and also be talked through where you stand in regards to claims should be made if you decide not to take any insurance for your relocation. 

If you decide to purchase your insurance on your own, you must still inquire about the implications of this decision on your ability to file a claim if any breakages or damage occurs.


A good removal company will also have several different moving and storage options that they provide to you. Packing and unpacking your possessions can be quite time-consuming, but we have made it easier to handle. 

At Top Movers, we have a team of house removals Adelaide who can pack and unpack your entire house. This will allow you to enjoy a stress-free move. We are the best removal company in Adelaide; our team is professional and experienced in the removal industry. We provide quality services at affordable prices.

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